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Prima Press specializes in business communication strategies. Established in 1998, the company develops communications solutions tailored to each client, focusing on content marketing. Based in Rio de Janeiro, we cover Brazil and the world.

We define ourselves as a boutique agency, bringing customers the infrastructure of a large agency with the exclusivity and personality of a leaner operation. To achieve this, we work with experienced professionals in several fields, with special attention to strategy and relationship tools management. The work begins with a diagnostic of the client's communications needs and follows through the results analysis.


To build, lapidate and consolidate the public image of their clients.


To be the reference boutique agency for clients on domestic and international markets.


Simplicity and clarity

Commitment to the Portuguese language



Commitment to the future of the planet

Respect and empowerment of human beings


Continuous training


Commitment to social communications

Ticiana Azevedo, founding partner

A journalist with 32 years of experience and a graduate degree in Marketing from FGV- Rio. For 14 years, she worked in the newsroom of major Rio de Janeiro newspapers, such as Jornal do Brasil and O Dia. From 1995 to 1998, she was a correspondent for the Journal of Brasil in Paris, where she received a grant from the French government to be a member of the Journalistes en Europe program. Back in Rio de Janeiro, she started her own communications company.
She is the author of the book "Sushi Leblon" (about the restaurant of the same name / Editora Senac - RJ, 2006) and "Cuidado! Seu príncipe pode ser uma Cinderela" (a humorous guide to discern if your boyfriend is in fact a closet gay / Ed. Best Seller, 2010). In her work as a reporter and correspondent acquired extensive experience in the areas of Culture, Economics, Politics, Health / Medical, International Relations, Sports and Food. Her work as a reporter and foreign correspondent led to extensive experience in the Culture, Economics, Politics, Health, International Relations, Sports, and Food areas. In 1995, she won the first Carlos Castello Branco Reporting Award. At the helm of Prima Press, she has developed comprehensive strategies for Integrated communication, media training and crisis committees, having successfully resolved crises scenarios for several clients.



Prima Press was instrumental in the consolidation of our brand. Through constant and professional work, we have our work published in newspapers, magazines and television. There I found not only competent professionals but also friendship that will accompany me for the rest of my life!
Faust Maurer - CEO of Plan Idiomas Direcionados
In a short period of partnership, Prima Press was able to translate Celso Lisboa´s DNA, bringing to the attention of the general public our story, values and knowledge production. The work of the press agency today for the institution is key to strengthening our position!

Karina Lisboa - UCL´s Marketing Manager
Prima Press has played a pivotal role in positioning of our brand in the national media, bringing crucial information about our industry to stakeholders ? be they customers, potential customers, competitors, or one of our business associates working in the 12 Brazilian states where we operate. The company has shown all its professionalism and agility in managing crises during an employee strike at one of our client?s industrial plant. The Prima Press staff was instrumental in devising a containment plan, successfully guiding us on how to deal with the affected public and answering all issues raised.
Luiz Claudio Garcia - CEO of Personal Service





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